Improvised device explodes outside Nairobi restaurant

An explosion outside a Nairobi restaurant injured two people on Saturday evening.

The blast, outside Smothers Fast Food Restaurant on Tom Mboya Street was caused by an improvised explosive device (IED) shortly after 8pm and was reportedly so loud, it could be heard as far away as Koinage Street. Witnesses reported seeing a man pushing a trolley outside the restaurant just prior to the explosion.

Central Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Robinson Thuku later confirmed the incident.

Shrapnel from the IED pierced the leg of one of the victims resulting in minor injuries on the leg and police spokesman Charles Owino said anti-terrorism police had secured the scene and appealed to the public to stay away.

A statement issued by the Kenyan National Police Service said:

“In the wake of the attack at Dusit Hotel and the latest explosion along Latema Road in Nairobi in which two persons suffered slight injuries, it is critical that all citizens must step up their levels of alertness regarding their surroundings and provide information immediately to the Police in case anything out of the ordinary is observed.

“We further advise that all Hotel operators must obtain full details of their lodgers and restaurant operators must also step up their levels of alertness and security in their establishments.

“We also advise PSV operators to monitor the behaviour of their passengers and be wary of persons who may board with luggage and thereafter attempt to alight without the baggage.

“We are also calling on shopping mall operators as well as ushers at all houses of worship,educational institutions, and all other public places to frisk all persons entering their premises and promptly notify the Police should they detect anything unusual for action.

“We also wish to inform the public that whilst we have stepped up alertness on our highways, all Police Commanders have been instructed to apply to a court of law for forfeiture of any vehicle found with illegal immigrants and any form of contraband.

“Let’s all remain alert and be conscious of our surroundings at all times.”

The blast comes under two weeks after terrorists attacked the DusitD2 Hotel on 14 Riverside Drive, killing 21 people.

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