German model who was baptised as ‘a real African woman’ in Kenya claims doctors have told her a baby with husband will be born black, despite both parents being white

A white couple, who have had tanning injections using synthetic hormone Melanotan to darken their skin colour, appeared on ITV’s This Morning claiming that doctors have told them that any children they may have will be born black. 

Newly married couple Martina Big, a 30-year-old model from Germany, and 31-year-old Michael Eurwen, were appearing on Monday’s edition of the popular daytime programme where they were interviewed by John Barrowman and Holly Willoughby.

Martina Big, flew out to Kenya in March to be baptised as a “real African woman”, and writing on her Facebook page at the time said: “One of my Kenyan friends told her pastor about my transformation to a black woman and told him how much I wanted to become a true African woman.

“In his sermon the pastor said: ‘You have to be born again and now you are a new creature.’ I’m so happy and proud to be a real African woman,” she added.

Martina had previously hit the headlines when she increased her breast size to a 32S through plastic surgery, but her skin colour change has also been well documented. Originally a white-skinned model with peroxide blonde hair, she claims just three jabs turned her skin black. 

However, This Morning viewers were not convinced that any future offspring of the couple would be black, pointing out on social media that it would be impossible due to their DNA.  

When Martina was asked by Holly about whether doctors had told her any future baby would be black skinned, Martina answered: “Yep, they said they will be black. We have also discussed about breast feeding and if it is safe for me to have a baby.”

When a baffled Holly queried how this would be possible genetically and whether she would still feel the same towards the child if (when) it is born white, Martina said: “Of course- it will be a mix of me and Michael, but I’m pretty sure it will be black, but if it is milk chocolate or a little bit lighter it doesn’t matter.”

Posting on Twitter, one viewer said: “Because she’s had skin darkening injections she thinks she will have black babies? Did I hear her say she doesn’t mind if the child is milk chocolate? OMG.”

While another Tweeted, questioning the genetics behind the couples’ claim saying: “I’m so sorry, but no amount of cosmetic changes will affect your genetics. If you were born white, your children will be white. I think Martina needs to find a new doctor.”

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