Nic Hailey discusses Nairobi terrorist attack on Kenyan television

Yesterday evening, British High Commissioner Nic Hailey appeared on Citizen TV’s Sunday Live programme, discussing Tuesday’s terrorist attack on the DusitD2 complex in Nairobi with hosts Jeff Koinange and Victoria Rubadiri.

“Terrorism is a global threat,” Mr Hailey said highlighting that attacks had occurred in the UK and across Europe, adding: “Terrorists attack our way of life but we have to make sure their acts do not change our way of life.”

There have been a spate of updated travel advisories in the wake of the attack, but the Balozi explained that the UK has not changed the level of the travel advisory following the DusitD2 terrorist incident.

Mr Hailey said he finds it “really hard to understand an ideology that makes one blow themselves up in order to kill innocent people in a hotel.”

“How we deal with radicalisation is a challenge for the UK as it is for Kenya but we are dealing with it,” he added.

When discussing what to do if anyone finds themselves in a terrorist incident, he said: “The best advice we can give anyone caught up in a terror attack is: Run, hide, tell.”

Unfortunately, the SMS text alert system provided by the UK High Commission for British nationals failed to provide any alerts during the attack, although email updates were sent.

The High Commissioner went on to say that everyone needs to pull together in response to the atrocity, adding: “We must stand strong with those affected… but we mustn’t let [terrorists] change our way of life.”

On the continuing military operation in Somalia, the High Commissioner said that “What the Kenyan defence forces do remains the decision of the President. We hope Kenya will stay the course in Somalia. We are doing a lot to support the Kenyan troops.”

He also used the opportunity to pay tribute to the Kenyan troops fighting there.

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