Couple ready for epic drive from South Africa to Scotland, via Kenya

Dundee 2 Dundee
Kevin and Donna Krummeck are driving from South Africa to Dundee, via Kenya. Photo: Facebook/Dundee2Dundee

A Scottish couple are preparing for “take two” of their epic road trip from South Africa to Dundee.

Originally, Kevin and Donna Krummeck set off on their Dundee 2 Dundee road trip up the west coast of Africa last year to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

However, the journey came to an unexpected and early end when they were forced to turn back and go home at the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border.

But determined to complete the journey, Kevin from Dundee in South Africa, and Donna from Dundee in Scotland, have planned a new 10,000-mile route up the east coast of the continent instead.

Setting off on March 15, the pair plan to drive from South Africa through Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan to Egypt where they will board a ferry to either Turkey or Greece and drive up through Europe to Dundee.

Dundee 2 Dundee
The couple are planning to set off on 15 March. Photo: Facebook/Dundee2Dundee

The couple have spent thousands of pounds equipping their Land Rover Defender with a long-range fuel tank, a roof-mounted tent and toughened off-road parts.

If you want to follow the couple’s journey, they will be posting updates on their Facebook page.

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