Lisa Doherty joins fellow EU diplomats and CS Mohamed for discussion on education support in Kenya

CS Amina Mohamed in education meeting with EU
Dr Amina Mohamed, Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Education, addresses the meeting with EU diplomats. Photo: Twitter/AMB_A_Mohammed

Yesterday, Irish Deputy Ambassador Lisa Doherty joined fellow European Union (EU) diplomats for that was described as an “engaging and informative” meeting with Kenyan Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed to review the support the EU and member states provide to education in the country. 

Lisa Doherty at EU and Kenya education meeting
Lisa Doherty (left) represented the Irish government alongside fellow EU diplomats. Photo: Twitter/AMB_A_Mohammed

Speaking after the meeting, Dr Mohamed said: “I was pleased to be part of this meeting to deliberate on critical issues regarding Kenya’s partnership with the European Union Member States in promoting education. Our partnership has yielded gains and impacted children in ECD’s, Universities and technical training institutes.

“Our collaboration has enabled experiential learning by opening up our borders to students from Kenya to EU Member States and vice versa. The programmes have nurtured a rich cultural and intellectual collaboration and prepared students for successful ventures in a multi-layered world.

“Based on existing initiatives and future demands in work and education, three fields stand out as requiring more focus, development and interventions; Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE), research and innovation and technical and vocational education and training.”

EU and Kenya education meeting
The discussions focused on education support offered by the EU to Kenya. Photo: Twitter/AMB_A_Mohammed

During the meeting, the Cabinet Secretary also took the opportunity to highight Ireland’s partnership with Kenya on the Young Scientists scheme which is run through the Embassy in Nairobi.

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