British High Commission updates consular fees for Kenya

Consular Fees UK High Commission Nairobi
UK High Commission in Kenya Consular Fees - January 8, 2019.

The UK High Commission have updated their consular fees which reflects the change in consular exchange rate between UK sterling and Kenyan shillings.

In the latest fees, which came into effect from the 8 January 2019, while the cost in sterling has remained the same paying in Kenyan shillings will cost slightly less.

The changes in full are as follows:

  • Administering an oath of British Citizenship under the British Nationality Act 1981 has reduced by Ksh 200;
  • The consular register of births, deaths, marriages or civil partnerships where the number or date of entry is not provided and the naturalisation, registration or renunciation records kept by a consular officer have both been reduced by Ksh 100;
  • Administering an application for, and if successful providing, an Emergency Travel Document is now Ksh 200 less;
  • Exceptionally, administering an application for, and, if successful, providing an Emergency Passport, on Emergency occasions when it is not possible to provide a Travel Document has reduced by Ksh 150;
  • Arranging, exceptionally, for currency to be made available against the deposit of funds has  gone down by between Ksh 50 to Ksh 200; and
  • Providing the services of a consular officer or a consular employee in relation to any other service which the consular post or diplomatic mission has agreed to undertake, for each hour or part hour (to include travel time if performed away from the consular premises) and in addition to direct costs, if any has reduced by Ksh 300.

Information correct as of 8 January 2019. For the latest consular fees in Kenya, please visit the UK Government website.

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