Slough Rotary Club donates £1k for sand dam project in Kenya

Rotary Club Sand Dams for Kenya Project
Bruce Irvine at the Watuka sand dam. Photo: Facebook/easthampsteadrotaryclub

The Rotary Club of Slough have made a generous donation of £1,000 to support the ‘Sand Dams for Kenya Project’ after watching a presentation about the scheme’s first success story.

Rotarian Bruce Irvine, who has been instrumental in promoting the, gave his presentation to the club in Slough, after which the club’s President handed over the cheque which will go towards a second sand dam in the country.

Bruce receives the £1,000 cheque from the President of the Rotary Club of Slough for the Sand Dams for Kenya project. Photo: Facebook/easthampsteadrotaryclub

This was Bruce’s second Sand Dam presentation in as many months after he was joined by fellow Easthampstead Rotary Club member Les when the pair shared the project with the Rotary club of Charleroi Val de Sambre in Belgium.

Bruce’s presentation celebrated the benefits these dams have on the people plus the surrounding land. He also talked about his visit earlier this year to Watuka, south east Kenya where a dam was constructed in 2014 from funds that were raised through Easthampstead Rotary Club.

Rotary Club Sand Dams for Kenya Project
Bruce prepares to deliver his Sand Dams for Kenya presentation. Photo: Facebook/easthampsteadrotaryclub

A sand dam is a wall constructed across a seasonal river to catch much of the flowing water and collect sand and silt. The water irrigates the land and soaks into the sand, which retains and filters the water, giving the people easy access to clean water.

Sand dams provide water for drinking, domestic use, livestock and irrigation. However, there is also much more than just providing a reliable supply of safe water, with other benefits including:

  • Improved food security and environment,
  • Impacting education, health, hygiene, nutrition, diets, financial income, morale,
  • Empowering women, as they no longer have to walk miles to collect water,
  • Transforming lives.

By supporting sand dam projects Rotary Clubs across the country are making a difference by enabling communities to transform themselves and embark on a path of self-sustained development.

Rotary Club Sand Dams for Kenya Project
Bruce’s Sand Dams for Kenya Project presentation materials. Photo: Facebook/easthampsteadrotaryclub

Thanks to the dam, the Kenyan village which has suffered several periods of drought, now has a regular water supply.

Discussing his observations from his visit to Watuka, Bruce said that women and children were no longer required to walk many miles every day to get water to drink and wash. This allows children to attend school and parents to concentrate on developing village life in many ways including growing more crops and providing food for the people and their livestock. 

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