Kenyan police arrest prime suspect in Italian aid worker’s kidnapping

Silvia Costanza Romano
Silvia Costanza Romano

On Tuesday, Kenyan police officials announced they have detained Ibrahim Adan Omar, the man they believe is responsible for the kidnapping of Italian aid volunteer Silvia Costanza Romano.

According to senior police official James Akoru, the suspect, described as armed and dangerous, was arrested in Bangali town, Tana county on Sunday after a $10,000 reward was offered for information leading to his capture.

Silvia Costanza Romano kidnap suspects
Kenyan police have named Adan Omar, Yusuf Kuno Adan and Said Adan Abdi as persons of interest in relation to Tuesday’s kidnapping of Italian aid worker Silvia Costanza Romano.

At least three gunmen carried out the attack on 20 November in which the 23-year-old volunteer for Africa Milele Onlus was kidnapped from Kilifi County during night attack on a shopping centre. Five other people, including children, were wounded.

No one has claimed responsibility in what was the first kidnapping of a foreigner in Kenya in several years.

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