Jersey signs framework to return proceeds of corruption to Kenya

Ian Gorst in Jersey
The Framework will return any proceeds of corruption in Kenya that end up in Jersey back to the Kenyan people and spent for their benefit. Photo: Facebook/UKinKenya

Jersey’s Minister for External Relations, Senator Ian Gorst, made his second official visit to Kenya this week.

During his visit, Senator Gorst held a series of Ministerial-level meetings with representatives from the Government of Kenya, including Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich, Attorney General Paul Kariuki, and Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Macharia Kamau. Discussions covered the breadth of Jersey’s relationship with Kenya, from collaboration in tackling financial crime, to regulatory cooperation and increasing cross-border trade and investment, including through a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA).

Ian Gorst in Jersey
Minister for External Relations, Ian Gorst, joined Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for the Treasury Henry Rotich and Attorney General Paul Kihara. Photo: Facebook/UKinKenya

On behalf of the Government of Jersey, the Minister signed the Framework for the Return of Assets from Corruption and Crime to Kenya (FRACCK) with CS Rotich. The framework, which the UK and Switzerland also signed up to earlier in the year, will ensure the proceeds of corruption originating in Kenya and ending up overseas, are seized and returned to the Kenyan people.

Senator Gorst said: “This agreement represents a significant achievement that will assist in the confiscation and return of stolen assets to Kenya. It is hoped that this example of cooperation between the Government of Kenya alongside its partners in Switzerland, the UK, and Jersey, will act as a template for the broader international community.”

Ian Gorst in Jersey
Minister for External Relations, Ian Gorst, signed the Framework for the Return of Assets of Corruption & Crime to Kenya. Photo: Facebook/UKinKenya

The Minister also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on financial cooperation with CS Rotich.

Jersey is one of the world’s leading international finance centres; the island’s forward-thinking approach, robust regulatory framework, political autonomy and economic stability have kept the jurisdiction at the forefront of global finance for more than 50 years. Senator Gorst used his visit to highlight Jersey’s reputation as a transparent and well-regulated jurisdiction that is committed to increasing trade with Kenya.

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