Dashcam footage captures moment American couple’s car is charged by machete-wielding gang in Kenya

Bryant and Lauren Swenson
Bryant and Lauren Swenson. Photo: FirstPower CrossFit

When American couple Bryant and Lauren Swenson took a detour down a dirt path in rural Kenya the last thing they expected to come across was an attempted robbery in progress.

The two were on their way to film a fitness video when they came upon a trio of machete-wielding men who were trying to rob a matatu near Maai Mahiu on 30 November. The local bus managed to take off, leaving the attckers behind, but they then focused their attention on the Toyota Land Cruiser and charged brandishing their machetes, known locally as a pangas.

Quick thinking Bryant swung into reverse before driving forward and dodging them, as seen in this dashcam video belonging to Swenson and his wife, Lauren, who managed to get away from the scene “unscathed.”

The couple moved from Cedar City, Utah to Nairobi with their three children a few years ago to set up their FirstPower CrossFit gym, and posting to his Facebook page, Bryant said: “Our fitness can prepare us for life, but there are times when things happen so fast that we can only give credit to God for His protection.”

Lauren also posted to Facebook adding that such incidents were rare in the East African country, writing: “Kenya is an amazing place. We have grown (and been stretched) since moving here, and we have come to know Kenyans as some of the warmest, most welcoming people. This incident is an exception, not the rule.”

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