Nandi Governor tells Susie Kitchens no extensions to tea estate leases will be granted

Susie Kitchens with NOREB
Susie Kitchens meeting with representatives of NOREB. Photo: Twitter/SusieKitchens

In a meeting on Wednesday, Nandi governor Stephen Sang told UK Deputy High Commissioner Susie Kitchens that the county had no intention of granting extensions to multi-national tea estate leases and that he wants them surrendered to the county at the end of their 99-year leases.

The governor explained that relationships between the county and the tea firms have been cordial in the past two years that he hoped there would be a smooth transfer of the properties to the county when the leases come to an end.

He also told Ms Kitchens, who was accompanied officials from the British High Commission, that some of the Nandi tea estates were currently operating on temporary extension.

Governor Sang announced the decision not to extend leases for multinational tea plantations in the county back in March.

The Deputy High Commissioner said the British government was keen on supporting and working closely with the regional economic blocs as they dealt directly with improving communities.

The county has also been pursuing compensation over historical land injustices.

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