Kenyan lion cubs from David Attenborough’s Dynasties documentary have died say film crew

David Attenborough Dynasties Masai Mara lions
The two baby lion cubs featured in Sunday's episode of Dynasties died after filming ended. Photo: BBC NHU

The film crew behind the BBC’s Dynasties series reported that the two lion cubs seen being born during last weekend’s episode have died.

Views watching the latest episode saw single mother Charm, leader of the Marsh Pride in Kenya’s Masai Mara, give birth to two little lions.

However, when the crew returned to Kenya after filming had ended, they discovered that the two lion cubs had not survived and may have been killed by predators.

David Attenborough Dynasties Masai Mara lions
The two cubs are likely to have been killed by predators or buffalo. Photo: BBC NHU / Simon Blakeney

14-year-old Charm leads the Marsh Pride which was abandoned by the males of the pride, meaning it is her responsibility to protect and feed the clan. In Sunday’s episode, viewers watched as she fought off a herd of buffalo, which often kill lion cubs in a bid to weaken their predators, single handedly. 

But despite bravely protecting her young cubs,  the Dynasties film crew, who followed the pride for 18 months, recently discovered that the two cubs had not survived. 

Speaking to The Mirror, a show insider said: “The most likely explanation is that they were taken by hyenas or another predator or even trampled by buffaloes.

“No one can be sure, but what became clear was they were no longer with Charm, and there was no way they could have survived alone at a few weeks old.”

However, the film crew also revealed that since the death of the male and female cub, Charm has given birth to two more.

Sunday’s hour-long episode saw another desperate moment, when one of Charm’s cubs was poisoned.

David Attenborough Dynasties Masai Mara lions
Viewers were left heartbroken as they watched Charm say goodbye to her poisoned 1 year old cubs before leaving him to die. Photo: BBC

Farmers sometimes use toxic meat where the lions graze, in a bid to kill them off and protect their livestock and Charm’s one-year-old son was poisoned, viewers watched heartbroken as she was forced to leave him to die.

The crew tracked the pride for 18 months, clocking up a total of 420 days with an average working week of 98 hours, even though on average the lions were only awake for four to five hours every day. 

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