British Trade Envoy meets with KEPSA and KenInvest during Kenya visit

Pauline Latham in Kenya
BCCK Chairman and CEO meeting with KEPSA board and UK's Trade Envoy to Kenya and Trade Commissioner for Africa. Photo: Twitter/Faridaabbas17

Yesterday, the British Prime Minister’s newly appointed Trade Envoy to Kenya Pauline Latham MP and Trade Commissioner for Africa Emma Wade-Smith, were joined by the British Chamber of Commerce Kenya Chairman Graham Shaw OBE and CEO Farida Abbas, for a meeting with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) board.

Both Ms Latham and Ms Wade-Smith are in Kenya to look at ways to enhance partnerships between the two countries.

Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) managing director Moses Ikiara also hosted a meeting with the pair where the facilitation services offered by the One Stop Center to investers were discussed.

The One Stop Center provides a wide range of facilitation services including:

  • Assistance in obtaining necessary licences and permits;
  • Assisting in obtaining incentives or exemptions under the Income Tax Act, the Customs and Excise Act, the Value Added Tax Act or other legislation;
  • Providing information to investors on the business climate, operating rules,investment opportunities and sources of capital;
  • Liaison with other government agencies for the issuance of additional licenses and approvals not directly handled by the Authority.

In an interview with the Oxford Business Group in 2015, Mr Ikiara identified the lack of enough investor-ready projects as the single biggest obstacle for foreign investors.

“Vision 2030 is transformative, and it has brought with it many investment opportunities across many sectors, including agriculture, agro-processing, tourism, manufacturing, mining and real estate. However, most of these projects have not been subjected to feasibility and bankability studies. We need to invest adequately to prepare and make the many projects investor-ready,” he said.

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