Vincent O’Neill visits Irish Aid supported KUAP in Kisumu

Vincent O’Neill in Kisumu
Dr Vincent O’Neill outside the Hans Burgman Community Hall. Photo: Twitter/IrlEmbKenya

Irish Ambassador Dr Vincent O’Neill visited the Father Hans Burgman Community Hall to see the work of Kisumu Urban Apostolate Programme (KUAP) and learn about how it has been supported by Irish Aid and Misean Cara.

Vincent O’Neill in Kisumu
Dr Vincent O’Neill with some of the children supported by the programme. Photo: Twitter/IrlEmbKenya

KUAP works to address poverty and public distress throughout Kenya. In so doing, KUAP endeavours to provide responses to the needs of urban communities utilising community-based programmes that minimise dependency formation and foster long-term goals for self-support and sufficiency towards holistic development.

Vincent O’Neill in Kisumu
Dr Vincent O’Neill with the Irish sisters who have been supporting programmes in the region. Photo: Twitter/IrlEmbKenya

The Embassy Twitter account commented on the “excellent leadership by the local community in co-operation with Irish sisters Bernadette and Vincent.”

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