Fairburn’s Eggs’ CEO hit 50% mark in fundraising push after completing Saharan trek

Daniel Fairburn completed his Saharan Trek for Farm Africa. Photo: Twitter/FairburnsEggs

Daniel Fairburn, CEO of Lincolnshire based egg producers Fairburn’s Eggs, has reached the halfway point in his fundraising campaign for Farm Africa after successfully completing his Saharan challenge.

During the challenge, Daniel had to contend with blisters, 40 degree heat as he trekked across sun baked dunes and rugged mountain ranges over a distance of 84km in just 2 days.

He is trying to beat his previous total from 4 years ago when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Farm Africa’s Food for Good campaign.

If you would like to help Daniel hit his target, you can do so by donating via his Just Giving page.

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