Christian Aid Christmas campaign looking for generous donations to fund mobile health clinic in Kenya

Christian Aid mobile health clinic
Kenyan mother Fridah has benefited from the mobile clinics. Photo: Christian Aid

This festive season, Christian Aid is encouraging the British public to add ethical gifts that could provide a lifeline to those living in poorer countries who are trying to improve their lives to their Christmas list.

The charity’s new virtual shop, Charity Gifts, is designed to help festive shoppers spend their money on items that make a lasting difference in a number of countries including Kenya.

Christian Aid’s head of strategic communications Deborah Auty said:

“This Christmas, we are encouraging the public to think of others by choosing ethical alternatives to traditional gifts. For those struggling to find a meaningful present for a loved one, Charity Gifts offer something that will transform people’s lives or help the planet.

“From stocking fillers to big gifts, our Charity Gifts store has something to suit everyone’s tastes. These include: The Animal Lover – animal-related gifts that nurture change; The Thoughtful One – presents that show love, care and wisdom; The Eco Warrior – green gifts that sustain lives and the earth; and The Entrepreneur – business-minded treats that allow people to build, grow and prosper.”

Every purchase acts as a donation to the work of Christian Aid and its local partners with each present accompanied by a lively card explaining more about the gift and the related project.

For Kenya, the charity is looking for support to provide a mobile health clinic costing £115. This would give pregnant women in remote areas of Kenya access to antenatal check-ups and other medical care, and mean babies and young children can get their all-important immunisations.

This gift could help mothers and their children access medical care in remote areas of Kenya.

One of Christian Aid’s partners in Kenya is Transmara Rural Development Programme (TRDP). Mobile health clinics, set up by TRDP, can reach mothers and children living in places without hospitals or health centres. Through these mobile clinics, mothers can get antenatal check-ups while babies and young children can get their all-important immunisations.

On of the mothers to have benefited from this scheme is Fridah, and you can read her story on the Christian Aid website.

Other gifts for smaller budgets include the £13 to provide fishing equipment in Ethopia, £30 to supply a hand pump in South Sudan and £9 for a gift of school books, bags and pens for a Bangladeshi child.

For a full list of gifts, please visit Christian Aid’s Charity Gifts site.

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