Supporting Little Feet completes their first Project with support from BATUK Community Engagement Team

BATUK Support for Little Feet
The BATUK Community Engagement Team and ‘Support for Little Feet’ group distribute the donated shoes in Laikipia North. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

An initiative to help provide footwear for pupils at Ol-Maisor Primary School in Kinamba has been completed after many months of hard work.

Mrs Lindsey Edgell and Mrs Amy Wilson in liaison with the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) Community Engagement Team, were able to visit the school twice and give out close to 200 pairs of shoes to children who had either no shoes on their feet or ones that were ill fitting and worn out.

Initially through fund raising and asking for donations mainly in the local BATUK Community Lindsey was able to visit the School in August and hand out over 50 pairs of shoes.

BATUK Support for Little Feet
A young Kenyan girl receives her new pair of shoes off the Support for Little Feet team. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

However, it soon became clear that with the school having more than 300 pupils, many more needed their help and Lindsey and Amy began reaching out to friends and family in the UK in order to get more donations of shoes and fund raise to be able to buy shoes locally.

Nearly 2 months later on the 30th September, the pair were able to visit the school again where they handed out well over 130 pairs of shoes. This visit coincided with BATUK completing a Community Engagement Project at the School and the visit of His Royal Highness Prince William and other VIPs. The BATUK Community Engagement Project has certainly raised the profile of BATUK in the Local Community and Supporting Little Feet has played its part in making it a success.

On their Facebook page, BATUK said: “From humble beginnings Supporting Little Feet has certainly started to take off and Lindsey and Amy would like to that all those in the UK who supported them and especially the BATUK wives Community who were donating and helping from the start, otherwise none of the above would have been possible. A special thanks goes to Sgt Craig Jenkins who has given up his time to travel and take photographs of the work we have been doing in order to promote Supporting Little Feet to enable it to continue to be a success.”

With BATUK’s Community Engagement Team fully behind Supporting Little Feet it is hoped the next project will target a primary school in the DOL DOL area. In preparation, they will begin a new round of fund raising and actively seeking donations in order to try and make the next project as successful as the last one.

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