Fairburn’s Eggs CEO smashes Saharan Challenge for Farm Africa

Farm Africa Saharan Challenge
Daniel Fairburn at the end of his Saharan Challenge for Farm Africa. Photo: Fairburn’s Eggs

Daniel Fairburn, CEO of Lincolnshire based Fairburn’s Eggs, has completed two marathons over the weekend – as he tried not to poach in the scorching Saharan Sun – to raise much needed funds for Farm Africa.

For this fundraiser, Daniel was joined by Fairburn’s production manager Egle Kalinauskaite, While trying not to fry in the 40 degree Moroccan heat, and despite suffering from lots of blisters, they scrambled across the unforgiving terrain to crack the challenge.

Team Fairburn’s fundraising total now stands at over £21,000 which means they are well on their way to beating the £35,000 Daniel raised for the charity when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014.

Also joining the race and raising money for Farm Africa was poultry supplier Hy-line Managing Director Omead Serati.

If you would like help support Daniel’s latest challenge, you can do so by visiting his JustGiving page.

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