British charity hopes initiative will increase school attendance for girls in Kenya

African Children’s Fund in Kenya
Some of the children with their pencils provided by African Children’s Fund. Photo: Twittter/AfChildFund

Josephine and Grace from African Children’s Fund’s Kenyan partner, Watoto Kwanza, have visited Kimuchu Special, Mwtingiri Primary and Ng’ate Primary Schools to distribute stationery to children and deliver underwear to senior girls as part of the UK based Kenyan charity’s ‘Education All Month, Every Month’ scheme.

The initiative is hoping to address the problem of girls missing school every month due to a lack of affordable sanitary towels with food taking priority in poorer families with stretched finances.

Many girls are forced to use unsanitary rags, animal skins and even chicken feathers as protection while they menstruate, with some reports saying young women have dug holes in the ground to sit in, alone, for the whole day.

This lack of sanitary products makes the prospect of going to school while menstruating impossible and simply missing a week’s schooling each month has a massive detrimental impact on a child’s progress. The result is that girls fall so far behind, they drop out of school completely, many before even completing primary school.

Watoto Kwanza
Watoto Kwanza is African Children’s Fund Kenyan NGO partner. Photo: Twittter/AfChildFund

Through their ‘Education All Month, Every Month’ initiative, African Children’s Fund has come up with a solution to provide girls with sanitary protection, underwear and a monthly social education programme at school, enabling them to attend school all month, every month.

Along with their Kenyan NGO partner, Watoto Kwanza, the scheme hopes to provide sanitary towels to 400 girls in eight schools on a four-weekly basis, provide five pairs of locally sourced underwear to each girl annually and run monthly health and social education programmes and discussion forums so girls understand what to expect during puberty.

If you would like to donate to this project, you can do so via African Children’s Fund’s Just Giving page. 

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