Nairobi and Dundee make list of 16 must-see cities for architects and designers

Nairobi from Uhuru Park
Nairobi as seen from Uhuru Park. Photo: Arthur Buliva (used under the Creative Commons licence)

Kenyan capital Nairobi and Scottish city Dundee have made the list of “16 up-and-coming cities you should have been to if you love design”, complied by the website Singlewell.

Listing the cities it recommends to designers seeking inspiration, or avid fans of design, Nairobi heads the list which also includes Seoul in South Korea, Mexico City, Shenzhen in China, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Bilbao in Spain, Detroit in Michigan, Turin in Italy, Nagoya in Japan, Tel Aviv in Israel, Jaipur in India, Curitiba in Brazil, Tbilisi in Georgia, Helsinki in Finland and Zagreb in Croatia.

Describing Nairobi, the website says:

“The dynamic capital city has recently made waves with its blooming art and design scene, launching its inaugural Nairobi Design Week in November 2015. If you’re in town, visit the GoDown Arts Centre, a warehouse converted into artists’ studios, to discover the latest in Kenyan art.”

Also making the list is the Scottish city of Dundee which is described as:

“With roots in textile design and shipbuilding, Dundee has developed a contemporary scene that excels in the fields of digital design, art, and jewelry. It will soon be home to a branch of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, which is scheduled to open in 2018.”

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