Anthony Bourdain describes Kenya as “phenomenally beautiful” in final ‘Parts Unknown’ appearance

Anthony Bourdain in Kenya
Anthony Bourdain during filming for ‘Parts Unknown’ in Kenya. Photo: CNN

Anthony Bourdain’s final ‘Parts Unknown’ appearance, filmed just months before his tragic suicide in June this year, shows the chef describing how much he enjoys filming and embracing different cultures as he travels around Kenya tasting local dishes.

For the Kenyan leg of the series, filmed in March, he paired up with stand up comedian and TV host W. Kamau Bell. During this segment, he gives an insight into what happens off-camera, saying: “As soon as the cameras are off the crew will be sitting around having a cocktail.”

“I f*****g pinch myself. I cannot f*****g believe that I get to do this,” he adds.

Referencing this dialogue between them, Bell later tweeted while the episode aired saying: “This conversation me and Tony had on the hill was one of the best experiences in my life. I knew it at the time & (it) means even more now. Thank you, Tony.”

Anthony Bourdain in Kenya
Anthony Bourdain with W. Kamau Bell during filming for ‘Parts Unknown’. Photo: CNN

Bell recently told The Daily Beast he relished the opportunity to live the Parts Unknown lifestyle for a moment. “In one sense, I felt like a lottery winner because I got to do something that everybody who watches Bourdain wants to do, which is travel with him and do the thing he does,” Bell said.

Speaking of Bourdain’s authenticity as a host. he recalled: “It wasn’t like there was on-camera Tony and off-camera Tony.

“He definitely put himself forward as a guy who was complicated and had issues and could be gruff sometimes, but he also had a big heart and all that stuff was true being around him.”

The Kenyan episode opens with Bourdain saying: “Today’s Kenya is phenomenally beautiful. There is a growing middle class, a highly rated educational system and an enthusiastic and multilingual professional sector.”

“Which is to say this is decidedly not a s—hole,” he adds, referring to comments President Trump made about African countries, amongst other poorer nations, that he called ’s—hole countries.’

Bourdain was found dead in his hotel room having committed suicide while filming the French portion of Parts Unknown.

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