British government updates work permit and health advice for Kenya


The British government have updated two sections of their travel advice to Kenya.

Issued today (18 September), the updates include information on work permit and immigration processes and requirements, to reflect the latest advice from the Kenyan authorities.

“The government of Kenya has recently reiterated the need for all foreign workers in Kenya to have (and carry with them) the necessary work permits and documentation, and has promised swift action against those who do not comply; this includes deportation. Work permits are not always granted; the government of Kenya is prioritising the availability of high quality jobs for Kenyan nationals, and may not grant a work permit to a British national if the job in question could be done by a Kenyan national.”

Today’s update also includes health advice to inform those travelling of health screening measures the Kenyan authorities have put in place following the latest outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“On 1 August 2018, an outbreak of Ebola was declared in Béni territory, North Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kenyan authorities have put in place additional screening measures at some airports and border crossings in Kenya for those arriving from affected areas. The latest updates can be found on the WHO website.”

For the latest travel advice for Kenya, please visit the British government website.

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