BATUK prepare for the arrival of the Irish Guards and Exercise Askari Storm

BATUK preparation
BATUK prepare for the arrival of 1 Irish Guards. Photo: Facxebook/BATUKOfficial

The British Army Training Unit (BATUK) has been busily preparing for the arrival of 1 Irish Guards after which the next Askari Storm exercise will get underway.

They aren’t the only ones getting ready as the Irish Guards have also been adding the final touches to their pre-deployment training. To ensure they are ready for every challenge, the infantry unit has been honing its live-firing skills.

BATUK are also getting ready for a busy period which will see several other units following in the Irish Guards’ footsteps.

Over the last 2 weeks BATUK have been visited by 1 Lancs, 2 Para and 2 Rifles, all of whom are beginning their preparations to deploy to BATUK in Exercise Askari Storm.

BATUK preparation
The next Askari Storm exercise will soon get underway. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

In addition to ASKARI STORM preparations, BATUK staff have been busy aligning all available assets to deliver the next Community Engagement project which will take place over this week and next.

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