Webmart make £100 donation to Kenyan charity

Giachuki Primary School pupils
Children like these at Giachuki Primary School in Kenya will be among those to benefit from Webmart’s generosity. Photo: Facebook/africanchildrensfund

Oxfordshire based marketing and print company Webmart have donated £100 to Kenyan based charity African Children’s Fund to help support their Porridge Club programme.

The generous donation will feed 1,428 happy children with every donation of £7 providing 100 school porridge meals.

Webmart made the donation through their Community and Charitable Cash Pot (CCCP) with the amount of money they give as a business based on the amount of interest they earn from the cash they hold in the bank. This is distributed annually in payments of £100 through their partner charities. In 2017-18, their donations totalled £21,212.

If you run a charity and would like to apply for a £100 donation, please visit this page and enter your details in the form at the bottom.

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