Generous donation covers remaining medical and funeral expenses of British charity founder following appeal

Joan Smith
Joan Smith

Friends of charity founder Joan Smith, who sadly passed away earlier this week, have been given a generous helping hand following an appeal for help on Brits in Kenya.

87-year-old Joan was a retired British probation officer who founded and tirelessly supported the Tumaini Children’s Home near Mombasa.

However, her passing left a large outstanding balance for both her medical expenses and funeral costs. While some who knew Joan had helped out, with the date of the funeral approaching, a sizeable amount still had to be raised.

But with time running out, Emma Metcalfe, who was organising the collection, received a surprise call from Sachit Singh who explained that after seeing the report on this website, and as Joan had done much for those in need in Kenya, he felt it was only right to help her out in her hour of need. In a very generous move, Sachit offered to cover the outstanding balance of both the hospital and funeral bills.

“On behalf of Joan Smith, we would like to say a huge thank you to Sachit Singh, Martin Parks, Julie Joyce, as well as Neil, Irene and Alec, Sarahbess Rogers and her daughter Brooke, who all generously contributed to clear the outstanding bills,” Emma told Brits in Kenya.

“Their kindness and generosity are heartfelt and I pray they will all be blessed for what they have done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she added.

Joan’s funeral begins at 2pm tomorrow (14 September) at the Crossroads Fellowship in Nyali (next to Wild Waters). It will then move on to the Hindu Crematorium at Buxton, before a gathering at her house (20a Links Estate) in Nyali.


  1. We have been so sorry to hear of Joans passing this way as Joan had been a very special part of our lives growing up in the UK she was like a second Mum. We had been worried as we had not heard from Joan but knew she had not been well. Our last real contact unfortunately was when our Mum past away, one of her close friends for many years Shelia Sims. If you have any contact information we could have to speak to someone about her last days and where here Ashes will be layed we would really appriecate this. Also did her family know. I know things had been a strain for many years but I was surprised they didn’t help out with the cost.

    Katie Peach

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