British Government pledges support WW1 for commemorative event in Taita Taveta

Governor Granton Samboja has said the British Government have made a pledge to provide financial support to the First World War commemoration to be held in Taita Taveta County later this year.

The region includes the Tsavo East and West National Parks and according to the county administration and tourism players, the event would enhance tourism activities in the region.

Taita Taveta County is home to a number of sites connected to the conflict, including the Voi Commonwealth War Graves, Maktau (Mwakitau) War Graves, Taveta Commonwealth War Graves, Taveta (ACK) Holy Trinity Church Mahoo, Railway Bridge – Mwashuma, Mashoti Fort, Cherege Hill and Maktau Hill.

The area is also the site of one of the battles World War 1 was fought between Britain and Germany between 1914 and 1918 and Governor Samboja as said that British High Commissioner Nic Hailey had agreed to support the commemoration.

According to the governor, Mr Hailey had said his government would carry out a programme to develop urban centres in the county and assured the county chief executive, who paid him a courtesy call last week at his Nairobi office, that he would attend the commemoration.

Mr Samboja added that the county government would work with the British Government to realise meaningful development.