Scottish tea room invites you to learn to dance like Theresa May following Prime Minister’s Kenya trip

After a global audience witnessed Theresa May’s awkward dance moves in Kenya and South Africa during her recent trip to the continent, a tea shop in Aberdeenshire has dedicated 9 November as ‘Learn to dance like Theresa May Day’ with an event organised for 3pm on the same day.

To prepare for the event, Yvi’s House of Tea have helpfully posted the following instructions to replicate the Prime Minister’s dance moves:

Theresa May Dance 

May 1.0 Put your weight on your left food and pivot, slowly swinging your hips and right foot back and forth with your arms bent to in the ‘T-Rex’ pose. Start walking forward in a slow, mechanical fashion out of time to the music and with arms still positioned like a dinosaur, but with torso waving like a tree in a mild breeze.

Theresa May Dance (2nd Edition)

May 2.0 Keep both feet planted and swing arms in a jerky motion as if trying to prove to your parents you are sober and can walk in a straight line – but without moving either foot. Return to May 1.0 (left foot planted, bizarre hip/right foot swivel) but with the addition of a creepy smile and gaze into the middle distance. Repeat steps one and two, but intersperse with occassionally giving up, putting your hands on your thighs and laughing maniacally like you’ve stumbled accross a cracking cookbook sale.

If you will be in the UK on 9 November and are interested in attending the Learn to Dance like Theresa May event in Inverurie, you can indicate you intention to take part on the business’ Facebook page.


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