Chinese man deported from Kenya following racist rant

Liu Jiaqi deported from Kenya
Liu Jiaqi has been deported from Kenya following his ‘racist rant’. Photo: Twitter/RoadAlertsJE

Kenya’s immigration department has said they have deported a Chinese man after a video emerged of him making racist comments.

The man, indentified as Liu Jiaqi, was recoded on video calling all Kenyans, including President Uhuru Kenyatta, “monkeys”.

In the two and a half minute video shared on Twitter and elsewhere, Liu appears to be in the middle of a dispute with one of his employees during which he issues a number of racist slurs.

“Every one, every Kenyan… like a monkey, even Uhuru Kenyatta. All of them,” he said.

After the employee suggests that if he feels that way Liu should “go back to China”, the businessman responds with further abuse.

“I don’t belong to here. I don’t like here, like monkey people, I don’t like talk with them, it smells bad, and poor, and foolish, and black. I don’t like them. Why not the bright people, like the American?”

He added that he only stays in Kenya because “money is important”.

Some Kenyans on social media have called for Liu to be charged rather than simply deported.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi, said that according to Liu’s employer, the clip was recorded in June “and he has already been punished by his company for his wrongdoing and apologised to his Kenyan colleague”.

“The personal talk and personal feeling of this young man does not represent the views of the vast majority of Chinese people,” he said, adding Chinese nationals were urged to make “positive contributions to the friendship and cooperation between China and Kenya.”

Police arrested him hours after the video was circulated online on 5 September and Kenya’s Department of Immigration tweeted that he had been deported the following day.

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