BBC apologises to Nairobi Diaries star over portrayal in documentary

The BBC has issued an apology to Nairobi Diaries star Bridget Achieng following a backlash over her portrayal in their Shuga docu-series in which she was featured.

A recently aired episode of the show featured Achieng speaking out on the shocking things girls were forced to do by men commonly known as ‘sponsors’ in exchange for cash.

However, she has accused the British broadcaster of misleading her on the nature of the production and claims she was portrayed ‘as a prostitute’ in the programme.

She says that despite working with the BBC team for at least two months on the series, her appearance on the show was edited down to just a few minutes.

In an interview with Ghafla, Achieng stated: “I was shocked I did a 2 months documentary only for them to cut my interviews and make me look like I am a prostitute.

“I hate the fact that media takes advantage of artists and my interview being twisted and all.”

Kenyan supporters took to social media, accusing the BBC of distorting her story and accused them, along with other Western media outlets, of perpetuating negative perceptions of Africa.

In response, the BBC issued an apology acknowledging that their production was inaccurate and recognising Achieng’s other business ventures. BBC Africa also re-edited the video.

“Following some inaccurate coverage of Bridget in the Kenyan media, the BBC would like to make clear that, as we show in our film, Bridget ran a jewellery business, contributes to Nairobi Diaries and leads a charitable foundation for children in Kibera.

“She currently runs an interior design consultancy in Nairobi, and has recently announced that she is expecting a baby,” they added.

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