Fish & Chips Challenge: Brew Tap Room, Nairobi

Beer Battered Fish and Chips from the Brew Tap Room in Nairobi
Beer Battered Fish and Chips from the Brew Tap Room in Nairobi. Photo ©Andrew Watt

Always very interested in craft beer, particularly when it’s produced by a micro brewery, I was keen to try out the Brew Tap Room in Nairobi, especially as it gave me an excuse to sample their fish and chips meal too.

Located upstairs in the Galleria Mall, this relatively new addition to the Nairobi culinary scene has a good selection of both food and drink, with a happy hour between 5pm-7pm every day offering BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) on all drinks.

They have a wide selection of beers available, but as this is a Fish and Chip challenge article, I’ll concentrate first on their Kenyan take on the iconic British food staple.

Brew Tap Room Nairobi
The Brew Tap Room is located in the Galleria Mall in Nairobi. Photo © Andrew Watt

Part of their Tap Room Signature Mains, the dish consists of beer battered Red Snapper, thick hand cup fries, tartar sauce and mushy peas with a slice of lemon on the side and costs Ksh 1,100.

The presentation of the meal is superb, with the fish and chips wrapped in a paper cone, which will be familiar to anyone who has had the takeaway version from British seaside resorts. Thinly spread on the serving slate, the mushy peas were more of a puree than the traditional version, but were very pleasing to the palette. Pots of tartar and tomato sauce with a slice of lemon complete the ensemble.

Initially, I thought the number of chips looked a little on the short side, but having struggled to finish the whole dish, it certainly isn’t. The fish is white, soft and flaky, almost melting in the mouth while the batter is tasty while not being too greasy.

Beer battered fish and chips at the Brew Tap Room
Beer battered fish and chips at the Brew Tap Room. Photo © Andrew Watt

Service was swift, but not pushy, and the staff were all very helpful and pleasant. Certainly a place I’d revisit.

To accompany my fish and chips, I chose one of their craft beers, White Rhino (Hefeweizen, 5.2%). This typical German style unfiltered wheat beer has notes of banana and cloves, the former which you can both smell and taste in the brew. Its yellowish tint is also a giveaway that bananas were used in the brewing process.

The beer is a very light and sweet ale which perfectly complemented the meal.

White Rhino Ale at Beer Tap Bar
The White Rhino ale has a distinctive yellow colour with notes of banana and cloves. Photo © Andrew Watt

Other beers on offer are:

  • Chuikolsch (4.8%) – 100% malt, German style pale blonde ale with a slight fruit aroma
  • Simpils (5.2%) – Classic medium bodied 100% malt pilsner with a spicy floral hop aroma
  • Temstout (5.2%) – Dark chocolate stout beer with a lovely creamy head and distinct coffee notes
  • Nyatipa (6.5%) – 100% malt deep copper coloured style Indian Pale Ale with a floral hop aroma
  • Kifabock (6.5%) – Full bodied 100% malt Belgian style Dubbel Bock with distinct caramel notes.
  • Buffalo Kick IPA (6.5%) – Super hoppy IPA with an aromatic and full bodied kick

300ml will set you back Ksh 250, 500ml costs Ksh 400 while 2ltr is available for Ksh 1,500. Alternatively, you can order a 5ltr beer tower for Ksh 3,000 or a 10ltr keg for Ksh 7,000.

Everyone in our party enjoyed their meals. Child options were available and our eldest recommends the cheese and tomato pizza. When our meals came, his wasn’t included and they informed us that the first one they made didn’t meet their high standards so they were preparing another for him. He said it was certainly worth the wait and promptly cleared his plate.

While the toilets are not something which normally forms part of a food and drink review, I feel my appraisal of the experience wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the imaginative use of old beer kegs for urinals and sinks.

Brew Tap Room toilets
Old beer kegs have been used to make the urinals at the Brew Tap Room in Nairobi. Photo © Andrew Watt

It’s also worth noting that the facilities were immaculate.

Brew Tap Room sinks
The sinks in the Brew Tap Room have been made from old beer kegs. Photo © Andrew Watt

Altogether, I would thoroughly recommend the Brew Tap Room for a meal, lite bite, or just to sample one (or more) of their original beers. Certainly a place I will be revisiting.

Have you visited a restaurant or bar in Kenya which serves fish and chips? Why not take the Brits in Kenya Fish and Chip challenge by sending a review of your meal to along with a photo of your dining party and/or the dish you ate and we will publish it online.

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