BATUK Community Engagement Team hunt for future projects in Sosian

BATUK Community Engagement Team in Sosian
Some of the children the BATUK Community Engagement Team met last week. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

The British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) Community Engagement Team have been busy visiting schools and other organisations in Kenya to identify future projects which the next Battle Group can participate in.

Last week the team headed north to visit a Sosian school where they met local children in as they looked for ways that BATUK can help the local population.

Working under the BATUK Community Engagement Programme, the team complete small projects to maintain their strong bonds with the local community. These projects are selected in line with Kenyan Government priorities. Water is at the top of the list followed by health, education, conservation and finally recreational activities.

BATUK say the projects are “an ideal opportunity for visiting soldiers to undertake work that will benefit those that could use a little help.

“The projects are an excellent opportunity for soldiers to engage with the diverse culture in Kenya and always prove to be a very rewarding experience.”

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