Over 5,000 Kenyans dump Twitter for Gab following suspension of influential blogger Cyprian Nyankundi

Gab logo

Over 5,000 Kenyans have signed up to free speech Twitter alternative Gab following the suspension of influential blogger Cyprian Nyankundi.

Nyankundi was suspended from Twitter on Monday but has since opened a new account on Gab and urged his followers to join him on his new platform.

Others have also urged fellow Kenyans to abandon Twitter following its crackdown on mainly conservative users.

One of the advantages of Gab is its group functionality, and Kenyan members will be pleased to know there is already a Kenyans on Gab group where they can easily meet and chat to their fellow countrymen.

Although the Gab app is not available on Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store, those with an Android device can download the app by following this link, while iPhone users will have to make do with the web version.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba welcomed the new arrivals to his platform and #KenyansOnGab has been trending on both Twitter and Gab.

Kenyans on Twitter have also started a #BringBackNyankundi campaign appealing to Twitter to revoke the suspension, arguing that Nyankundi has consistently exposed alleged corruption in the public service which he should not be penalised for.