Tusk CEO attends opening of ‘Not for Sale’ conservation garden at Woburn Safari Park

Charlie Mayhew with Sharmayne Ferguson, Mark Whyte andHolly Mullin. Photo: Twitter/Tusk_org

Tusk CEO Charlie Mayhew was among the guests for the launch of the ‘Not for Sale’ conceptual garden at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire. He was joined by garden designers Sharmayne Ferguson and Mark Whyte, as well as nine-year-old Holly Mullin who wrote to the Prime Minister about the ivory crisis.

The Tusk ‘Not for Sale’ garden is a unique exhibit, designed to educate the public about the devastating slaughter of endangered African elephant populations, caused by the brutal ivory trade.

Visitors can walk around a ring of artificial tusk arches, symbolising the average number of Africa’s elephants slaughtered daily by poachers for their tusks. Sounds of the African savannah play around the Tusks while arid grasses, plants and acacia trees will help create a real sense of Africa.

At the end of the arched walk, the “Not for Sale” garden opens into an African savannah, where the “bones” of an elephant lie in the dust, depicting all that is left behind by the devastating illegal ivory trade. a powerful reminder of the destruction brought about by the illegal ivory trade.

It was previously on display as part of the Hampton Court Flow Show where it was awarded  a silver medal and was visited by Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden and soprano Katherine Jenkins.

In response to stats showing almost 100 elephants are killed every day for their tusks as part of the illegal ivory trade, Tusk and Woburn Safari Park decided to share the tragic story about the plight of elephants in the wild by installing the exhibit for visitors to the park. 

Tusk Not For Sale garden at Woburn Safari Park
The Tusk ‘Not for Sale’ at Woburn Safari Park i Bedfordshire. Photo: Twitter/MayhewCharlie

The conceptual garden has been installed at ‘Elephant Junction’ in the Foot Safari, after it first appeared as an entry at the 2017 RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, when the creation by Ferguson & Whyte Garden Design won a silver award in the conceptual garden category.

It comes as the government announces plans for tough new legislation banning the trade of a wide range of ivory products regardless of their age.

Commenting after his visit, Mr Mayhew thanked Woburn Safari for their “generous support” and said he was “delighted” to see the garden for himself, describing it as “a dramatic reminder of the decimation of elephant populations due to illegal ivory trade.”

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