Penny Mordaunt accuses EU of putting world’s poorest at risk in aid row

Penny Mordaunt
Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP, Secretary of State for International Development. Photo: Flickr/DFID

In an explosive row with Brussels, UK Secretary of State for International Development chief Penny Mordaunt last night threatened to stop all British aid money going to EU humanitarian projects.

Her comments came after it was revealed the vindictive European Commission is discriminating against UK charities and aid organizations by informing them they will be dropped from aid projects if Britain leaves the EU without a deal next year.

Ms Mordaunt told the Commons International Development committee that 20 per cent of all EU aid funding is spent by British NGOs and that by blocking the money going to aid organizations, Brussels beurocrats were putting the world’s poorest at risk.

“We are clear that the European Commission must remove these disclaimers it is using to hinder British Aid organisations from delivering the common goal of alleviating poverty which would hit the world’s poorest people hardest,” she said.

“We are shocked and disappointed by this behaviour, which does not set a good precedent for any future partnership and I have been very clear that if we are contributing to UK funds and new projects then UK NGOs must have access and we are now looking at how we can use the aid budget to protect UK organisations from this discriminatory practice.”