Welsh sports trainer heading out to Kenya to volunteer at British founded school in Kambirwa

Johnny Sutton
Johnny Sutton with his medals.

Jonny Sutton from Neyland in Wales, who has been heavily involved with junior sports in Pembrokeshire, is preparing for a 12 week volunteering spell in Kenya at the Roko 20 Academy in Kambirwa.

On August 17th, the 40-year-old will head out to teach sport and assist in numeracy and literacy lessons along with anything else he can do to help.

The school was set up by former Neyland resident Tracey Neale in 2014 and currently tutors 85 orphaned children aged from 4 to 14, but relies heavily on volunteers and sponsors to cover its running costs.

Situated in Kambirwa, rural Kenya the school provides orphans and the most disadvantaged children with a free education, clothes, food and basic healthcare.

Since opening, the school has grown to have six classrooms, a library and computer room. Along with a big dusty football pitch where the children love to play, the school has a shamba (garden) and a greenhouse provides some of the fruit and vegetables needed daily. They also have hens, rabbits, goats and Paco the friendly dog.

In order to help him finance the purchase and shipment of equipment for the school, Jonny recently completed the arduous 53.4 mile Race to The King Trek.

Through his Facebook page, he is appealing for local youngsters to donate second hand replica football or rugby shirts but he is appealing for additional help in collecting equipment and clothing which the school desperately needs, as well as financial support for his mission. 

He is also looking for help in transporting the donated items to Kenya as he can only take his luggage allowance with him. 

The list of clothing and equipment that Johnny is collecting for the school is:

  • School uniform: grey socks, grey shorts, grey sweatshirt and jumpers
  • School equipment: Flashcards or books which encourage literacy or ABC, pens, pencils, paper, white board pens, pencil sharpeners, erasers, rulers, clocks for teaching, toy cars and animals, simple, small calculators, staplers
  • Sports equipment: footballs (flat), rugby balls (flat)

If anyone has anything from the list, or replica football shirts that they would like to donate, then please contact Jonny on 07780 006747, or e-mail him to arrange collection.

Alternatively, if you would like to offer financial support, you can do so via his JustGiving page.

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