Irish Ambassador speaks at Young Science Kenya National Exhibition media launch

Vincent O'Neill YSK launch
Dr Vincent O'Neill speaking during the media launch for upcoming Young Scientists Kenya National Exhibition. Photo: Twitter/Lisa_Doh

This morning, Irish Ambassador Dr Vincent O’Neill was among the speakers at the media launch for the upcoming Young Scientists Kenya (YS Kenya) National Exhibition which will take place at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre on 5-6 July.

Dr. O’Neil, who is also a patron of YS Kenya, told the audience at the press briefing that the organisation is leading the country on the right path and that the students taking part in the exhibition will power the future development of the country.

The exhibition is a celebration of the journey taken by YS Kenya to reach students in different parts of the country in a bid to make STEM Education accessible to all.

Also speaking at the media launch, YS Kenya chairman Dr. Kevit Desai, was a strong advocate for the support and advancement of young scientists and developers. He also called on individuals, education institutions, private organisations to join in supporting and nurturing the young talent taking part.