Scottish travel writer and doctor recalls terrifying nighttime encounter in Kenya

Gavin Francis
Dr Gavin Francis

British author Dr Gavin Francis FRCGP has revealed that he once feared for his life during an incident in Kenya.

The year before qualifying in medicine from Edinburgh in 1999, he volunteered to work at a hospital in Kenya.

It was during his time Kenya that, during an interview in The Times newspaper, he revealed he found himself in a situation which made him fear for his life.

“One night in Kenya, another volunteer and I were chased by guys who tripped me up,” he said.

“I looked up and saw two guns pointing at my head. They were police, but drunk. It turned out I shouldn’t have been out in the dark and they assumed I was up to no good. It was a misunderstanding.”

However, the incident clearly didn’t put him off travelling as he managed to visit all seven continents over the following decade.

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