Royal Engineers compete renovation of Nanyuki children’s home

"Dog Squadron" outside the CEDC in Nanyuki. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

Yesterday, 1 Field Squadron Royal Engineers completed a renovation project at the Centre for Exceptionally Deprived Children (CEDC) in Nanyuki.

The centre is a children’s home run by the local authority in Nanyuki for rescued street children and orphans which has also received support from Dorset based charity Jalia.

New goal posts go up just in time for the World Cup. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

Improvements delivered by Corporals Halliday, Gilluley and Mottley along with the team from ‘Dog Squadron’ included a repaired gutter, refurbishment of the hot water plumbing system, interception ditches, reframing and rehanging doors, repainting bedrooms as well as repairing and reinforcing the main access route.

One of the CEDC bedrooms being decorated. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

In addition, welfare items from British families were handed over and the team provided lunch for everyone on site.

The CEDC main access route is repaired and reinforced by the Royal Engineers. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

Posting on their Facebook page, the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) and their Community Engagement Team thanked and congratulated the Royal Engineers on the completion of the project and said: “The improvements have made a huge difference to the children at the organisation. A job very well done!”

Their good deeds don’t end with the CEDC refurbishment, as 1 Field Squadron Royal Engineers are also hoping to be able to repair a local bridge which was damaged in last week’s floods.