Plane wreckage spotted 2 days after it disappeared en route to Nairobi

Aberdare Ranges
Skyline of the Aberdare Ranges. Photo by Raidarmax (used under the )

Wreckage of a plane which was carrying 10 people has been spotted southwest of the Aberdare Mountain range nearly two days after it disappeared, a Kenyan official has said.

The plane had been flying from Kitale, near the Ugandan border in the west of the country, to capital city Nairobi, carrying eight passengers and two pilots

Transport Ministry Principal Secretary Paul Mwangi Maringa revealed that the crash site had been traced using a mobile phone signal to Njambini and officials said the search and rescue efforts were being focused on the mountain range.

Light aircraft crashes are reported every other month in Kenya, but many people on board escape with injuries.