Kenyan born Mancunian recalls living in same street as Manchester bomber

Salman Abedi
Manchester bomber Salman Abedi. Photo: Facebook

A Kenyan born Mancunian has spoken to The Times about living on the same street as Manchester bomber Salman Abedi.

22-year-old Abedi carried out the cowardly suicide bomb attack at Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert on 22 May last year killing 22 innocent concert goers.

Jacko, who is described as a ‘larger-than-life local with a Congolese parrot’, lived a few doors down the road from the bomber’s house.

Born in Kenya to Indian parents, Jacko saw the Abedi family grow up.

“They were good boys,” he told film-maker Jamie Roberts. “You wouldn’t see much of them, just playing football in the street.”

When Jamie asked him if he knew their father, Jacko replied: “Yeah, I knew him, he came over once to see if I’d come to the mosque with him.”

“I was too busy drinking Rémy Martin,” he added with a wink before reportedly letting out a big belly laugh.

The article in the Times covers Jamie’s year trying to find out from  those who knew Salman Abedi, what led him to kill 22 people.