Kenyan headteacher thanks British charity for its support

Ntumbara Government Primary School headteacher
Daria Tom, Ntumbara Government Primary School headteacher. Photo: Facebook/St Peter's Life-Line

Daria Tom, the headteacher of Ntumbara Government Primary School in Nithi County, has thanked UK based Kenyan charity St Peter’s Life-Line for their support. In her message, posted on the charity’s Facebook page, Daria describes the area where the school is situated as ‘very poor’ and ‘deprived’, “where food is always short” and at bad times almost non-existent.

She goes on to say: “I want to tell you how much I appreciate your lunchtime feeding programme for my school. 2 years ago when the scheme began we had 205 pupils on the school roll – it is now 278, with all those kids attending school every day. Now that they have full tummies they have more energy and can concentrate more. This has also had the benefit of improving our overall academic standard as shown by the improved mean scores in the National exams. God bless St Peter’s Life-Line!”

The charity have also delivered supplies for Mrs Tom’s school for the next half term.

St Peter's Life Line aid delivery
Aid from St Peter’s Life-Line arrives at the school. Photo: St Peter’s Life-Line

For more information on the charity and to find out how to support their work in Kenya, please visit the St Peter’s Life-Line website.