Susie Kitchens delivers opening remarks at Legislative Summit in Mombasa

Susie Kitchens at legislators forum
UK Deputy High Commissioner Susie Kitchens met women legislators during the summit to forge way forward in achieving the gender agenda in Kenya. Photo: Twitter/DaO_GEWE

Yesterday morning, the UK Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya, Susie Kitchens, delivered the opening remarks on behalf of international donors at Kenya’s 3rd Legislative Summit in Mombasa, covering the importance to development of inclusive governance and devolution.

More than 2,000 members of county assemblies and senators are attending the event at the Pride Inn Hotel to discuss this year’s theme: “The Devolution Debate: Aligning Legislation to Development Agenda.”

During her address, Ms. Kitchens welcomed the steering group pre-summit sessions on youth, women and disabled people, and announced that Kenya and the UK will co-host the Global Disability Summit in London on July 24th.

Susie Kitchens at Legislative Summit in Mombasa
Susie Kitchens delivers her opening remarks on behalf of international donors at Kenya’s 3rd Legislative Summit. Photo: Twitter/UKinKenya

“Development Partners in Kenya continue to support initiatives and programmes designed to entrench the inclusion of Persons Living With Disabilities in access to enterprise opportunities, governance and social services,” she said.

“We’re pleased to see the engagement of county assemblies in discussing and ratifying the instruments of the respective regional economic blocs. The blocs have the potential to strengthen trade, reduce conflict and create efficiencies in service delivery.

“On behalf of development partners, we wish you fruitful deliberations, and look forward to the renewed focus of Kenya’s legislatures to drive development and play their role in Kenya’s new path to reconciliation, inclusion, justice and accountability.”

Karin Fueg in Mombasa
UN Women Deputy Director Ms. Karin Fueg (right), co-hosted a lunch with Susie Kitchens during the summit. Photo: Twitter/DaO_GEWE

Later, along with UN Women Deputy Director Ms. Karin Fueg, Ms. Kitchens hosted a lunch on the sidelines of the summit with elected female senators, speakers and the Kenya Women Senators Association (KEWOSA) leadership to reemphasize their commitment to inclusion during the devolution process and evaluate the steps taken towards gender inclusivity in Kenya’s political and decision making processes.


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