UK updates travel advice for Kenya ahead of Ramadan

Kenya Travel Advice for Kenya May 2018

The UK Government have updated their travel advice for Kenya following a warning from local police that they have received credible evidence that Islamic terrorist group al Shabaab are planning to carry out attacks in various parts of the country during the Muslim holy month, which is set to begin on May 15.

In the update, the advice reads:

“On 8 May 2018, Kenya’s National Police Service issued a statement saying that Al Shabaab has in the past planned to carry out attacks in Kenya during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The statement urged people to remain on high alert and be extra vigilant.”

In a statement on Tuesday, director of communications for the Nation Police Service, Charles Owino, asked Kenyans to remain vigilant, especially in populated public places such as hotels, church, bus stages and schools.

“Though the capability of Al-Shabaab has been greatly downgraded over time, we have credible intelligence suggesting that the militia group is planning to carry out further attacks in the country,” Mr Owino said.

“The group has in the past planned to carry out attacks during Ramadan especially along the Coastal and Eastern regions and in major towns across the country. We are therefore urging members of the public to remain on high alert and be extra vigilant,” he added.