Susie Kitchens speaks at opening of Kenya’s 7th National Science Week

Susie Kitchens at Annual Science Week
Susie Kitchens speaking at the 7th Annual Science Week. Photo: Twitter/YSTKenya

Yesterday, the UK Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya, Susie Kitchens, spoke at the opening of Kenya’s 7th National Science week.

During her address, she said:

“There is now widespread agreement that research, science, technology and innovation is the cornerstone of social and economic development. The UK recognises this, and has put this agenda at the centre of its long term growth and increased its investments.

“At the heart of our investment are partnerships. This has enabled UK researchers, institutions to partner with like-minded researchers globally. The UK greatly values partnerships which, when built on trust and nurtured over time, result in real impact.

“The UK is proud to be partnering with Kenya, a country that has shown its commitment to the importance of Science and Innovation by putting it at the centre of its development strategy through Vision 2030.

“The Newton-Utafiti fund has been a friend-maker, bringing together British & Kenyan researchers & universities across scientific fields, generating collaborations and partnerships, which we hope will have a long term positive impact on the world.”

The UK is partnering with Kenya to promote science and innovation through the Newton-Utafiti fund which aims to promote the economic development and social welfare of either the partner countries or, through working with the partner country, to address the well being of communities. It will do so through strengthening partner country science and innovation capacity and unlocking further funding to support this work and is part of the UK’s official development assistance (ODA).