German ‘glamour model’ in Kenya to become ‘a true African woman’ after Swahili baptism

A former blonde ex-air hostess with 32S breasts who decided to ‘become black’ has claimed she is now ‘a true African woman’ after being baptised under a new Swahili name.

Martina BIG, a 29-year-old German glamour model, has spent more than £50,000 (Ksh 7,071,109) on breast enhancements, with her chest believed to be Europe’s biggest.

Working towards her goal to hold the official Guinness World Record for having the largest breasts in the world, she went from a C cup to a 32S, weighing 12 kilograms.

However, changing her body measurements wasn’t enough as she bizarrely decided to ‘become black’, and vowed to get ‘darker and darker and see what the limits are.’

After undergoing radical tanning injections in the US, the naturally light-skinned and blonde ex-flight attendant from the German Eifel region dramatically changed her skin tone last year with three melanin boosting injections.

“One of my Kenyan friends told her pastor about my transformation to a black woman and told him how much I wanted to become a true African woman,” she said.

She was subsequently invited by the pastor to his church in the city of Nyeri, and was baptised under the new name of ‘Malaika Kubwa’ (Swahili for ‘big angel’).

I’m so happy and proud to be a real African woman.

Speaking about her time in Kenya, she has said she was surprised how many people recognise her in Kenya and that she kept being stopped by people on the street and in the hotels asking her for selfies.

Martina even claims she is becoming ‘more African’ by the day and has said she ‘knows for sure’ that any children she has ‘will be also African black.’

“Recently, I had been asked several times, whether I noticed that also my facial features become more and more African.
“Since this change is so slow, I did not notice it at first. But after comparing myself to several photos from last year, I also see this change.
“I’m very happy about it and hope that this change will continue. It’s such a great feeling to become more and more African.” – Martina BIG (via Facebook)

According to Martina, her hair has become ‘naturally African’, which she said is ‘the clear proof’ that she is a ‘real black woman now’.She is now planning to have a nose job to ‘make it look African’, and she also wants 1.5 kilograms of implants added to each buttock.

Martina is currently in Kenya where she has enjoyed a warm Masai welcome.