Gathimba Edwards Foundation’s Kenya 22 visit Iten projects

The Kenya 22 continue their visit to Iten. Photo: Facebook/Gathimba Edwards Foundation

The Gathimba Edward Foundation (GEF) Kenya 22 have continued their trip by visiting the family who will have a new home built by the charity later this year and teaching in a local school.

On Tuesday, the visitors travelled to meet one of the families GEF volunteers will be building a house for in July.

Currently, the family live in cramped conditions with 8 children and their mother sleeping in 2 roadside mud huts. Previously, they lived in the forest but were evicted by the Government and then put on a waiting list for a home.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation Kenya 22
The Gathimba Edwards Foundation guests visited one of the families which the charity will be building a new home for later this year. Photo: Facebook/Gathimba Edwards Foundation

However, after working their way up from 10th on the list the local area Chief stole the land and gave it to his son, leaving them to remain in these desperate and dangerous conditions.

“Another incredible and humbling day here with GEF. A long day of travel to visit a family in Nandi who really are in desperate need of help. I think we were all shocked by the two tiny, dark, smoke filled and mud clad huts that the family of 9 have lived in by the side of the road for the past 9 years. The pictures can’t convey how difficult and cramped these conditions must be to survive in. In July the family will be moving to their new home near Iten thanks to the wonderful GEF volunteers and their house building trip.”

– David Vernon, Kenya 22 (2018)

Yesterday, the team taught at Iten Primary School where the team split into 3 groups and delivered lessons on the human body, the 5 senses and shared global values between different countries.

Later, they enjoyed lunch at the home of triple London and New York Marathon champion Mary Keitany and her husband Charles.

For more photos and videos of the trip, check out the Gathimba Edwards Foundation Instagram page.