Gathimba Edwards Foundation’s Kenya 22 for 2018 spend first day visiting charity projects

Gathimba Edwards Foundation Kenya 22
Gathimba Edwards Foundation's Kenya 22 for 2018. Photo: Instagram/Gathimba_Edwards

Each spring, Aberdeen based Kenyan charity Gathimba Edwards Foundation (GEF) offers a unique opportunity to visit Kenya for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Called the Kenya 22, the name comes from the inspiration behind the foundation of the charity which was a visit to the Pavillion Village was home to 22 children who for various reasons were no longer looked after by their biological parents.

This year’s trip includes the opportunity to climb Mount Kenya, teach for a day in a primary school, run GEF’s 5k or 10k Mount Kenya Marvellous races, visit a coffee plantation, visit the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, visit a school in Africa’s largest urban slum, Kibera, attend a church service, visit families supported by the charity and visit new houses their volunteers have built.

The first day of this year’s trip illustrated the difference that GEF’s support has made for one family. After building a house for Monica in 2016, GEF have continued to support Monica and her family through donations and sponsorships for the children.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation House
The house built by GEF volunteers in 2016. Photo: Instagram/Gathimba_Edwards

In the afternoon, the guests learnt how to make beaded bracelets in Iten. The sale of these bracelets goes towards school fees for GEF supported children and provides an income for those who make them.

For more information about the Gathimba Edwards Foundation, their work in Kenya and how you can volunteer for one of their projects or support the vital work they do in the country, please visit their website.


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