Cambridge Analytica whistleblower tells MPs his predecessor may have been poisoned in Kenya

Christopher Wylie
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie told MPs there were rumours his predecessor was poisoned after a deal went sour.

Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, gave evidence to the Culture Select Committee of British MPs this week, during which he revealed his predecessor had mysteriously died in a Kenyan hotel room, and that some believed he may have been poisoned.

Making the comments as part of the investigation into the spread of ‘fake news’, he discussed the death of Dan Muresan, the son of former Romanian Agriculture Minister Ioan Avram Muresan.

Mr Muresan, Cambridge Analytica’s elections chief, was found dead in a Kenyan hotel room amid reports a deal he was working on had gone ‘sour’.

The British MPs listened as Mr Wylie explained how rumours that Mr Muresan had been murdered circulated around the company, along with allegations the Kenyan police had been bribed not to enter the hotel room for 24 hours in a bid to cover up the possible homicide.

Dan Muresan
Dan Muresan. Photo: Facebook

At the time of his death, Romania’s Foreign Ministry told the Bucharest Herald: “The Romanian citizen was working with a British telecommunications company, being in Kenya for a while.

“He had not yet registered his presence on Kenyan territory with the Romanian diplomatic mission. The same source shows that after the police arrived, the body was taken by an undertaker company for an autopsy.”

The actual cause of death may be difficult to prove however, as Mr Muresan’s family reportedly chose to keep the cause of his death private, which is a choice Romanian citizens are offered, and the results of the post mortem were never revealed publicly.