De La Rue – a proud British business

De La Rue is a trusted partner of governments across the world.

We work in over 140 countries, collaborating closely with their governments to design, manufacture and securely deliver symbols of national pride and identity around the globe. Our goal is for every citizen to be able to participate in the global economy.

Whether it is developing currency designs or designing a new passport that will come to define that nation’s relationship with the world, De La Rue takes pride in ensuring everything it produces is bespoke to that country’s needs.

Our 200-year heritage and continuous commitment to innovation means that the products we produce are among the most secure in the world.

It’s the future that excites us. Our highly-skilled teams of designers and craftsmen blend the latest in security technologies with cutting-edge designs to ensure our partners can have confidence in what we deliver.

De La Rue’s partnership approach means that we enjoy deep and long-lasting relationships with governments around the world, helping them to shape a better future.

An iconic British company with a truly global footprint. A partner to government both home and abroad.

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