St Peter’s Life Line launches programme to end FGM in Kenya

The team from St Peter's Life Line at the children's rights awareness day. Photo: Facebook/St Peter's Life Line

UK registered charity, St Peter’s Life Line have launched their annual programme to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The programme begins with forming and operating children’s rights awareness clubs in local primary schools.

These clubs meet every week where the children learn and celebrate their rights with poetry, drama, dance and song.

At one of the children’s rights awareness days, three primary schools got together to carry on learning with help from a nurse, education officer and safeguarding officer, who were all passing on the message of saying “NO!” to FGM.

St Peter's Life Line FGM programme 2018
The children’s rights awareness day gets underway. Photo: Facebook/St Peter’s Life Line

A popular part of the day was a stomach busting lunch provided by the charity.

For more information about St Peter’s Life Line, please visit their website.